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Home Grown Vintage Apparel Collections

 Weed to Wear is cannabis inspired vintage apparel collections. Beginning with two brand collections, The California Wave and Holy Smoke, Weed to Wear will continue to grow its products in the future.

The California Wave 

Collection: T’s, Hats and Hoodies etc.

Catch The California Wave Collection

In 1977 a Secret Growers Association was formed with trusted brothers from nearby towns in Northern California. Graphics and Labels were developed for their  garden varieties. Word spread and more varieties blossomed making this region known as “The Emerald Triangle”. The California Wave collection of Vintage prints is derived from a private collection from one of the founding members of The Secret Growers Association. Representing a historical time in the development of Cannabis cultivation, this collection of unique vintage tees, hats and hoodies etc. incorporates graphic work and labeling based from the regions of Sonoma, Cazadero, Sebastopol, Forestville, Healdsburg, Guernville, Occidental, Mendocino, Willets, Boonville, Albion, Humbolt, Garberville and Richardsons Grove, directly from the archive of The Secret Growers Association.

 Holy Smoke 

Collection: T’s, Hats, Hoodies and Jackets etc.

Holy Smoke apparel is a cool and classic minimalist upscale brand. Jackets sewn by Canadian master craftsman for the highest quality finished product. Holy Smoke is inspired by cannabis. Attention to detail is integrated into subtle yet dramatic designs. Holy Smoke Clothing Co. takes the street edge of cannabis culture and elevates it to a modern look.

    Our Story


Fuss Cooper is the Founder and Creative Director of Weed to Wear. He has been practising his art of commercial and vintage branding as a Creative Director for the last 40 years in Toronto.

 Fuss was the creative force behind launching the original vintage Indian Motorcycle clothing line in 1986 with just 4 t-shirt designs! In 1989 Fuss  trademarked Indian Motorcycle and expanded the line of apparel and accessories being sold in over 350 retail stores that eventually topped annual sales of over $7 Million.

In 1999, Fuss designed and opened The Indian Motorcycle Cafe & Lounge in Toronto and then one at Copper Mountain in Colorado, and Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Collingwood Ontario. His attention to detail and design in all aspects of the Cafes from flatware to decor made the Toronto, King Street location one of the city's hottest venues. Fuss was part of the design team that brought the iconic Indian Motorcycle bike back into production in 1999 and he rides the 2nd one off the line. It's still going strong with over 120,000 km.

In the late 70’s, on a trip across Canada and down to LA, Fuss had the great fortune to meet one of the founding members of The Secret Growers Association. A longstanding friendship was born. Fuss would never forget seeing his collection of labels that would become the inspiration of the California Wave Collection.

Fast forward to today, with passion and attention to detail, Fuss presents Weed to Wear.

You can’t create a great design without a Fuss.